IFRS 15 – Impact On The Construction And Advertising Industries

IFRS 15 specifies the circumstances under which an entity recognizes revenue as well as requiring companies to provide users of financial statements with more informative and relevant disclosures. The standard provides a principles-based five-step model to be applied...

COVID-19: What Can A Company Do To Ensure Sustainability?

covid-19 Introduction From late January 2020 onwards, the world has been plagued with news on the coronavirus disease (COVID-19, previously known as 2019 novel coronavirus). A pneumonia of unknown cause was originated from Wuhan City in Hubei Province of China....

How Does The Increased Water Prices Affect Singapore’s Various Industries?

At the 2017 Singapore Budget, it was announced that water prices were to increase for the first time in 17 years by up to 30 percent. Although the government made a clear attempt to reassure the media that “the increase is estimated to be less than $25 per month for...

Sole Proprietorship And Private Limited Company

Sole Proprietorship is the simplest business structure that can be formed easily with minimal cost and legal formalities.  A single person operates this form of business and the owner is responsible for all the business obligations and losses.  Owner has the entire...

Five Advantages of Million Accounting System

When consumers mention accounting software, several names like MYOB, ACCPAC and Quickbooks come to mind.  But have you ever heard of Million Accounting Software?  If you have not, let us have a quick look on this particular accounting tool. Million Accounting System...


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