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When consumers mention accounting software, several names like MYOB, ACCPAC and Quickbooks come to mind.  But have you ever heard of Million Accounting Software?  If you have not, let us have a quick look on this particular accounting tool.

Million Accounting System is a reputable accounting software and its technology is certified to have satisfied IRAS’s technical requirements.

User Friendliness

Whether the user is an internal finance personnel or a professional in an outsourcing firm, Million Accounting System is marked as an ideal choice because its interface is straightforward, functional and fully equips the users with essential features.  A non-IT savvy user does not have to spend too much time familiarizing with the software because all frequently-use reports can be generated easily.

Cost Effectiveness

Another beneficial quality about Million Accounting System is that it is immensely cost effective for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and newly start-ups which are working on limited budgets. Since the accounting software is accredited by IRAS, the buying companies could enjoy benefits under the Innovation and Capability Voucher (ICV) and Productivity and Innovation Credit (PIC) schemes.  It is recommended to check with authorized resellers to ascertain that the business has met all the claiming requirements before the investment is placed.  The acquiring cost is one-off.  There are no recurring costs, such as the annual subscription fee which are found in other accounting systems.


Million Accounting System is built with comprehensive features and designed for a wide range of functions.  Most of the essential elements for accounting, budgeting, analysis and reporting purposes have been catered for.  It supports multi-currency transactions, which means you do not have to worry on the double entries or complexity in computing the currency exchange difference if local currency is used to pay for purchases made in other currencies.  Million Accounting System is GST compliant for Singapore businesses so you can rest assured that a relevant report is available for regular submissions, so long as the accounting records are maintained in the system.


An added bonus during an unlikely event that Million Accounting System encounters a technical problem, personalized support is available at various modes (telephone, fax, email, remote access and onsite).  Online chats with experienced consultants allow minor issues to be rectified at the earliest time.  If the issue nature is major, onsite service could be easily arranged by contacting the local reseller or the main company itself.


If the company wishes to have in-depth exposure to determine if Million Accounting System is compatible with the business model or working culture, a trial version is available for free download.  This allows all relevant parties to access the system’s capabilities by having hand-on experience.

With the above five aspects, Million Accounting System is sufficient to be short-listed for consideration to be adopted by many local and international companies.

Do you have confusion and other related concerns regarding Million Accounting System? Mighty Glory Corporate Solutions offers accounting and tax, corporate secretarial, and administrative and software technical support services to businesses in Singapore. Contact us today to discuss your business needs.

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