Incorporation and Corporate Secretarial Services
In Singapore

After checking and reserving the company name, we can proceed to prepare other essential documents for your business registration. Every company must have at least one local director. If you are a foreigner, you may hire our nominee director service. A company secretary must be appointed within six months from the incorporation date. The sole director and corporate secretary cannot be the same person.


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Maintaining Your Registers With Us

Timely alerts and reminders for full compliance.

Corporate Secretarial Plans

Billed Upfront Annually


(Covers Common Routine Matters)
SGD690/Per Annum
  • Inclusive of SGD 60 Payable to ACRA
  • Being the Company’s Named Secretary for 12 Months
  • Maintaining Company’s Registers and Minutes Book
  • Preparing Annual General Meeting’s Documents #
  • Filing Annual Return with ACRA #
  • Email Reminders for Statutory Filing Deadlines
  • Member’s Rates for Other Routine Matters and Resolutions *
  • Member’s Rates for Non-routine Matters and Resolutions
  • Free Advisory On Accounting and Corporate Tax
  • Change in Registered Office Address
  • Change of Officer(s)
  • Change in Officer’s Particulars
  • Change of Financial Year End
  • Opening of Bank Accounts (Current, Fixed Deposit or Foreign Currency)
  • Change of Bank Signatories
  • Affixal of Common Seal
# Additional service fee is chargeable if we are not the appointed secretary on the due date to file AGM documents and Annual Return.
* Stamp duties and other statutory fees are not included.

Member’s Rates

Applicable for Companies Who Have Signed for Our Corporate Secretarial Package

Preparing AGM Documents and Filing Annual Return for Non-Appointed Period* SGD 250 Per Lodgement
Service Rendered for Routine Non-Share Related Work** (E.g. Change of Officers, Registered Address, Business Activities, Bank Related) SGD 50 to SGD 100 Per Transaction
Service Rendered for Routine Share Related Work** (E.g. Allotment of Ordinary Shares, Transfer of Shares) SGD 100 to SGD 200 Per Transaction
Service Rendered for Non-Routine Matters** (E.g. Change of Company Name, Amendment of Constitution) SGD 80 to SGD 150 Per Transaction
Registered Office Address SGD 97 Per Annum
(The service is provided by our affiliate)
Common Seal SGD 80 Per Piece
Pre-inked Company Stamp SGD 40 Per Piece
XBRL Report SGD 400 to SGD 600 Per Report
(Depends on the corporate structure and disclosure items)

* Non-appointed period refers to the filings to be done for AGM due dates that do not fall within the corporate secretarial service period.

** Stamp duties, government fees and fees paid to third parties are not included.

Member’s Rates are applicable to companies, subscribed to MGCS’s Corporate Secretarial Plans. Ad-hoc assignment from non-client companies are always welcomed at a premium of SGD 50 per transaction.

Incorporation Packages for Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents

* Stamp duties and other statutory fees are not included.

Can A Foreigner Register A Company In Singapore?

Yes, a foreigner can set up a company in Singapore by engaging a corporate service provider to submit the online application on your behalf and appoint a director who is a resident in Singapore. The appointment of at least 1 locally-resident director is compulsory whether you continue to reside outside Singapore or reside in Singapore to manage the company’s operations. If you would relocate to reside in Singapore, you need to apply for an Employment Pass or EntrePass with Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

Incorporation Packages for Foreigners

** Require to maintain a refundable security deposit of SGD 2,400 and the company must engage our corporate secretarial, accounting and tax services so long as the nominee director service is active.
* Stamp duties and other statutory fees are not included.

If we fear taking action, we should remember that “no action” is simply a silent action.

– Dr. Partha Nandi


What does ACRA stand for?

ACRA represents Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (a Singapore Government Agency). It is the national regulator of business entities, public accountants and corporate service providers in Singapore

SGD 375 payable to ACRA is for what purpose?

SGD 15 is for name application.

SGD 300 is the business registration fee.

SGD 60 is the recurring annual filing fee.

Why do we need to place a refundable deposit when we hire your nominee director's service?

According to Singapore’s Company Act requirements, the responsibilities of directors are onerous for all directors, including the nominee director. If the foreign director is no longer contactable, the nominee director must pay for the company’s liquidation charges. The individuals whom we hire for our nominee director service, are reputable professionals. The security deposit must be kept with us so long as our nominee director service is active. This is to protect the interests of the nominee director.

Why upfront payment is required for nominee director and corporate secretarial services?

According to our firm’s policy, a bill shall be raised and receivable on the completion of the assignment or the service’s commencement date, whichever is earlier. These 2 service categories start from the day of appointment or upon expiry. Therefore, payment in advance is required.

If we do not have a physical office in Singapore, can we use your address as our company's registered office address?

We are a virtual accounting firm who uses an affordable virtual business address service. The service provider is also 1 of our affiliates. Similar with us, you can also use this address as the company’s registered office address for ACRA’s requirements.

How do we determine the professionalism of the individuals who are providing the nominee director service?

As a professional corporate service provider, we have the obligation to ensure that the nominee director has satisfied all the criteria under ACRA’s regulations. Their personal profiles are publicly available at LinkedIn.

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