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PayNow Corporate, a new paradigm in the world of cashless transaction. The fund transfer service uses an innovative technology that links a bank account with an entity’s Unique Entity Number (UEN). This enables corporate businesses and Singapore Government agencies to make instant fund transfers without prompting the sender for the recipient’s bank name or account number.

The advantages in using PayNow Corporate include:

1. This feature reduces the transaction time, cost, and hassle in processing the transaction.
2. The method does not only allow greater convenience, but also uses the established security standards to ensure secure fund transfers.
3. Unlike in mobile wallets, the sender does not have to recharge the wallet for transferring the money, making it more user-friendly.
4. Users also have the option to process transactions using the mobile app or through internet banking.
5. Transfers are processed instantly.

Challenges to using PayNow Corporate include:

1. The availability of an active internet connection and the use of appropriate devices are required for users to enjoy the benefits of PayNow Corporate.
2. The app could appear too complex and confusing for tech-challenged people.
3. While bank account details are shrouded in the transaction processing, pre-registration of bank accounts is a pre-requisite to using the service. This requirement could scare off traditionalists from taking the initial step in joining the cashless society.

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