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Our service fees remain at flat rates even if there are additional payroll elements to be included in the processing. Cloud solution is adopted to achieve cost effectiveness. We are very glad to provide guidance on the mobile app.


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Prepare In Compliance with Singapore Employment Act

Payroll Processing

  • Salary calculation on a 7-day, 14-day or 30-day basis

  • Create employee profile for new hire(s)

  • Compute the last pay for resignee(s)

  • Compute gross wages (with overtime, bonuses and other payroll changes) to derive net salaries and CPF contribution

  • Submit CPF contributions

  • Provide payroll reports for accounting purpose

  • Access to Online Payslip Portal

  • Access to Leave Management Portal

  • Access to Online Claim Management Portal

  • Prepare CPF refunds and government statistical forms

  • Apply to declare annual employment income under Auto Inclusion Scheme (AIS)

Per Employee, Per Report *

Below 30 employees ^
SGD 30
Between 30 to 500 employees
SGD 25
More than 500 employees
SGD 18
* Exclude expenses incurred to render the services. Other related services are subjected to additional service fees.
^ A base fee of SGD 100 is chargeable for the first 3 employees.


Initial Set-Up Fee (One-Off) From SGD 190 to SGD 500 Per Company
Register for CPF Submission Account (One-Off) SGD 80 Per Registration
Register to Pay Monthly CPF via GIRO (One-Off) SGD 100 Per Registration
Process Expense Claims (if desktop software is opted) SGD 8 Per Employee, Per Report
Arrange Salary Payments via Internet Banking or Cheque From SGD 200 to SGD 500 Per Month
Apply for Claims under Government-Paid Leave Schemes (e.g. GPML, GPCL, NS Pay) SGD 60 Per Application
Prepare Employment Contracts (or Letters of Offer) SGD 120 Per Contract
Apply to Declare Employment Income Under Auto Inclusion Scheme (if we are not the payroll agent) SGD 60 Per Company
Prepare and Submit Form IR21 SGD 150 Per Employee
Prepare and Submit Form IR8A (Without Appendices) SGD 50 Per Employee
Prepare and submit Form IR8A (With Appendices) From SGD 100 to SGD 150 Per Employee

One-Off Assignment Packages

(Payroll Is Not Prepared By Us)


(With Appendix A or B) **
SGD138/Per Employee
  • Consolidate Employment income for the Entire Calendar Year (i.e. All Pay Elements, CPF, CDAC, MBMF, SINDA)
  • Prepare Form IR8A (Hardcopy or e-Submission)
  • Collect and Consolidate Details of the Staff Benefit-in-kinds
  • Prepare Appendix A or B (Hardcopy or e-Submission)
** Additional Appendix requires an additional charge of SGD 48 per employee
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Request for payroll changes from client via email. For example, the details of joinee(s) or resignee(s), bonuses, overtime, commission, expense claims, unpaid leaves, loans and other salary adjustments.

How We Work



Consolidate all information for review, analysis and report generation. Review the system work before sending the final report for authorised personnel to review and approve.



Send electronic notifications that payslips are ready for retrieval on the agreed payday as the approval is obtained. The details for CPF contribution will be submitted before 14th of the subsequent month.

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How long do you need to generate a payroll report?

This depends on the volume of payroll changes or salary adjustments. Typically, the report will be available within 1 to 3 working days. We will ensure that there is sufficient time for review, fund transfer and other arrangements required.

Is there additional charge if the volume of salary adjustments is high?

No, our service fee is fixed at SGD 18, SGD 25 or SGD 30 per employee, depending on the number of headcount per report.

Can we use your bank account to pay the monthly CPF contributions via GIRO?

Sure. But the fund must reach our bank account before we will proceed to submit the CPF contributions.

How does my staff receive his/her respective payslip?

The employee can securely retrieve the payslips for any month from the mobile app or a specific URL created for your company. The staff can also submit the leave applications and expense claims in the same platform.

Can we opt to use desktop payroll software if we hire your payroll service?

Yes, we will respect your decision. We are using Times Software for our existing clients who have similar preference.

If your business has not chosen a system, we will recommend cloud payroll software, especially if your employees always work overtime and leave management is required. This greatly reduces the manpower and paper works required.

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