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By resolving the confusion and knowing more about the system’s features, the obstruction shall be reduced in the entire work flow. To ensure that the monies are received by the right person or company, the bank details used in the bank transactions must be accurate. Unsuccessful transactions will attract avoidable bank fees.


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Technical Support – SGD 480 Per Annum

(Financio and Xero)

  • Manage the system’s functionality by doing the necessary or additional configuration required

  • Create and maintain accessibility for users with different access rights

  • Perform set-up to integrate with comparable APIs

  • Resolve your doubt or queries (via emails and phone calls only) on the existing or new features

  • Represent your company to contact the accounting software vendor if the errors are not due to User’s issues

  • Reply within 1 to 2 working day




  • Exclude software subscription fee
  • Queries from other point of contact will not be attended (Maximum number of contacts: Two)
  • Exclude accounts and tax-related queries unless our accounting and tax services are engaged
  • Exclude set-up for initial implementation (under Accounting and Tax Services)
  • Exclude customisation of forms. Customisation is available from SGD 28 per form onwards (depends on the design complexity)
  • If the technical issue needs to be performed at Client’s office, a transport fee ($48 per trip) is chargeable

Training and Administrative Support

One-to-One 3.5-hour Training on Financio Premium (With training materials) SGD 500 Per Session
Additional Participant (Maximum 4 participants per session) SGD 150 Per Session
Payment Processing via Internet Banking or Cheque (Depends on the volume of transactions) SGD 200 to SGD 600 Per Arrangement
Mail Handling With Collection From One Agreed Address (Maximum twice per month) SGD 100 Per Month
Urgent Mail Collection SGD 48 Per Collection
Ad-hoc Duties Shall be discussed

Five Essences. One Intention.

80% Hands-on experience where the participant can try the user-interface and explore the features with the trial version after the module is explained. Doubt can be clarified on the spot if it is a one-to-one session. Otherwise, it can also be achieved during the Q & A in a small group session. Materials will be available for post-training reference.






Q & A


Training Materials


Small Group Discussion

“If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help them build theirs.”

– Dhirubhai Ambani (Founder of Reliance Industries)


Why upfront payment is required for technical and administrative support services?

According to our firm’s policy, a bill shall be raised and receivable on the completion of the assignment or the service’s commencement date, whichever is earlier. Technical and administrative support services start from the day of commencement or upon expiry. Therefore, payment in advance is required.

Do we need to pay security deposit for the technical and administrative support services?

No security deposit is required.

Is there a minimum service period?

Technical support service requires a minimum service period of 12 months. Minimum service period does not apply to administrative support service.

Are there additional charges for collecting mails from our registered office address?

According to our standard service contract, mail collection is performed every fornight (i.e. twice per month). Each additional trip required is subjected to SGD 38 per collection.

Is the one-to-one training available for other software?

Yes, training is also available for Xero and MYOB Premier.

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